We developed One Touch out of a need for high-performance caps. While traditional six-panel caps provide some comfort, they don’t always fit as snuggly as needed during high-intensity activities. So, our team set out to develop a hat that exceeded an athlete’s aspirations: one that was stylish and highly functional.

We quickly realized that to produce this revolutionary and unique cap, we would need to reinvent the manufacturing process. It took us years to engineer and develop the technology needed, but after many versions—each one better than its predecessor—we were able to create the One Touch cap we offer today.

The patent-pending technology we use to produce One Touch caps is at the forefront of manufacturing. Unparalleled by any other hat manufacturer, our heat-molding process defines a whole new era in the manufacturing of headwear. Its innovative build provides users with a superior fit, extended comfort, and lightweight construction—not to mention that it’s super stylish!


All you need to know about One Touch… in LESS THAN a minute

One Touch: Revolutionizing Headwear with…

Single-Panel Construction … Custom-Like Fit … Patent-Pending Technology … Lightweight and Breathable Knit Material … Wicking Sweatband

Make It Your Own!

One Touch is available in a variety of knit fabrics, solids, and patterns. We also accommodate traditional logos such as 3D embroidery, flat embroidery, screen printing, and peak-to- crown designs, allowing you to customize the One Touch cap and cater to clients’ varying needs.

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