• Where can I buy the hats?

    Factory direct hats can be purchased from our factories in China (Shanghai) or Vietnam (HCM).

    Please visit the following websites for distributor purchase:

  • What is the minimum order for a factory direct purchase?

    For hats with stock fabric, MOQ is 576 per color, or USD $10,000 per order. If the order per style and per color is lower than our MOQ, we will have upcharges depending on annual purchasing volume. For non-stock fabric, it depends on the fabric’s MOQ.

  • Do you sell blanks? If so, what is the minimum order per model?

    Yes, we do sell blanks. The minimum order for factory direct purchase is as follows:

    • One container with assorted styles and colors is USD $10,000 per order.
    • 2 doz for B2B (coming from distributors).
  • Do you customize hats? If so what is the minimum order per model?

    Yes, we do customize hats. The minimum order for factory direct is 576 pcs per sku and is USD $10,000 per order.

    • OT- 2 doz
    • OT- 24 pcs per style and weekly 50,000 pcs per order.
  • Do you have a catalog of available fabrics, applications, and models?

    We have an E-catalog with the selection for you to choose. You can download here

  • If my order is not big enough for factory direct, can I contact a distributor? What is their minimum order?

    Yes, you may contact a distributor at the following websites:

    The MOQ is 24 pcs or 48 pcs and depends on the distributor.

  • Where do you have distributors?

    We have distributors throughout the US and EU markets.

  • What is the standard time for order processing? What about for Blank and Custom hats?

    The standard time for order processing is as follows:

    • 3 days (blanks).
    • 2-4 weeks upon receipt of the logo approval and depends on the complication of the logo workmanship.
  • I want my hats to include a custom design, what do I do? Can you help me with my design?

    Yes, you can either provide the artwork with your vector filed logo and we will help to develop it, or we can do the design for you with a service charge.

  • What are your shipping methods and policies?
    • For Factory Direct, we do FOB Shanghai, or FOB HCM, by sea and by air.
    • FOB less than USD $10,000, we accept wire transfer in advance. FOB over USD $10.000, L/C or wire transfer in advance.
    • We require 50% deposit, and the other 50% before shipment or L/C.
    • We accept credit card payments in advance or payment through PayPal or Amazon Pay service. Small orders come from distributors.
  • I am interested in being a distributor, what do I do?
  • I am interested in buying your hats where can I find them in retail stores?

    You can find our OneTouch hats at the following retailers: Lids, DICK’s Sporting Goods, and Golf Pro Shop.

  • How do I contact you?

    Please contact us Here